Klingonska Akademien’s Logo


The logo was designed by zrajm in March 1999. It was inspired by the insignia of the Klingon Empire, as well as the logo of the Klingon Language Institute. We wanted a logo that was uniquely distinct, while at the same time showing a clear connection with all things Klingon.

I have been using the logo as my desktop background for years (and still do), and one day in February 2008, seeing it out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw the Moon in place of the central white circle. Inspired by this I created the Moon version of the logo. (It has been pointed out to me that it should be the moon of the Klingon Homeworld – and not the Earth’s – but I have never been able to find a picture of the Klingon moon, Praxis, showing what it looked like before its destruction in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.)

Vector Images

The following are some high-quality versions of the logo in SVG format (created using Inkscape). These are recommended for use in high resolution situation (e.g. in printed documents). The last couple of logos in this batch contains measurement/outlines of the logo, which might be useful if you want to reproduce these using pen and paper.

Bitmap Images

These are some images that I used to use as a background on my Nokia cellphone. Pardon the image sizes here, but these are pictures of my X Windows background photographed with the lo-rez camera of my old cellphone. (None of which matter when you’re just going to display the image on the 208×208 pixel display of the same cell phone anyway.)