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Photos from qep­’a’ Soch­DIch (page 1)

These pictures were taken by Markus ”qa’­naQ” Persson and zrajm ”maH­vatlh” during our visit to qep­’a’ Soch­DIch in Philadelphia, USA, in 2000.

Markus Persson watches while Captain Krankor and Roger Cheesbro play a game of Klin Zha. In the background, Mark Shoulson.

Captain Krankor is about to make a move...

2000-07-19 Mark Shoulsson is being his own happy self.

2000-07-19 d’Armond Speers tries exchange looks with Lawrence Schoen (who unfortunately has closed his eyes).

2000-07-19 Roger Cheesbro and Tad Stauffer concentrates over a board of Klingon Scrabble.

2000-07-19 d’Armond Speers and Alan Anderson are not showing off, they’re just using their Palm Pilots (of which there were plenty at the qep­’a’).

Markus Persson (half of), Tad Stauffer, David Trimboli, Captain Krankor (adjusting his forehead, as usual), Roger Cheesbro and Mark Shoulson (backside of) plays a game of zoom – zorch.

The game continues; here d’Armond Speers gets boinged by William Martin – or perhaps it’s Markus Persson who gets zoomed?

At the hotel’s ”miserable excuse of a continental breakfast” (to quote Lawrence Schoen) Markus Persson recieves a supervising glare from Pam, while he is smiling into the camera.

Captain Krankor leads all the brave language warriors into terrifying(ly good) song.

An unknown journalist tries to make Markus Persson the object of an interview. – How it turned out we’ll probably never know, ’cause she never sent us the interview, though she told us she would.

An unknown camera man watches over Tad Stauffer, Nancy Nielsen-Brown, and all the rest of us. (I believe they intended to use us as political propaganda/humoristic relief. – This is what they made.)

Captain Krankor experience ’oy’­na’ while Lawrence Schoen laughs and William Martin descreetly covers his smile. The anonymous camera man takes the opportunity to shoot the audience.

A hot and humid afternoon David Crowell, Nancy Nielsen-Brown and myself (zrajm) chat beside the pool, while Heather Myers and several of the others take a very un-Klingon bath.

d’Armond Speers, Lawrence Schoen and William Martin (back of) play a nice relaxing game of poQ ’ar in the evening.

Klingon gambling markers (appropriately marked SuD – even the Doq ones =|:−) take a break brief from being shuffled over the table in front of Lawrence Schoen, and a tired Mark Shoulson.

Captain Krankor (also at the poQ ’ar table) makes a quick go for and tries to adjust his forehead unnoticed. (It fails.)

Tad Stauffer, Eric Andeen, David Trimboli and Alan Andersson discusses some vitally importart Klingon matter in front of Ron Bushyaeger (back of).

Eric Andeen watches as Captain Krankor shows off in the game of pegh mu’, Mark Shoulson practices a low profile (or sitting position). Alan Andersson (back of) takes a look at the spectacle.

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