Errors in Okrandian Sources

This is an attempt at creating a list of known errors in printed and recorded Okrandian canon.

I have not included notes on Marc Okrands various newsgroup postings, nor anything concerning the Star Trek: Klingon CD-ROM game, or any of the SkyBox Klingon Trading Cards, however this may change in the future, and so if you know of any errors, in any Okrandian source (not just the ones mentioned below) I would be happy to include that information here. Please contact me at <>.

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TKD The Klingon Dictionary
TKDa TKD Addendum
TKW The Klingon Way
KGT Klingon for the Galactic Traveler
E-K English–Klingon dictionary part
K-E Klingon–English dictionary part

The Klingon Dictionary (Book)

Christian Matzke notes (in Hol­QeD 4:1, p.7) that jev storm (v) (as defined in TKD K-E) perhaps ought to be a noun, but I have chosen not to include it as an error here, since there are other words dealing with weather (namely SIS rain and peD snow) that are verbs, this suggests to me that jev really should be a verb, as stated in TKD.

It is also worth mentioning that the word lists in TKD are incorrectly sorted in quite a number of places. However the divergences from the expected order are so small (most frequently only two or three words are missorted) that they do not in a significant way impede the reader’s chances of finding the word he/she is looking for.

Thanks go to Yehuda Ronen () and Stevo ( and ) for their contributions.

General Errata

Description Source Added
luj­pu’ lacks prefix, should be jI­luj­pu’ (occur twice) TKD p.29/3.3.5 1999-09-24 (?)
’e’ lacks hyphen, should be -’e’ TKD p.29/3.3.5 1999-09-24 (?)
-egh lacks apostrophe, should be -’egh TKD p.35/4.1.2 1999-09-24 (?)
-egh lacks apostrophe, should be -’egh TKD p.35/4.2.1 1999-09-24 (?)
”subject pronoun (0)” is wrong, should be ”subject prefix (0)” TKD p.39/4.2.5 2004-01-24
-taH continuous.” should not begin new paragraph TKD p.43/4.3 2004-01-24
-Do’ contains superfluous hyphen, should be Do’ TKD p.48/4.3 1998-09-22 (?)
Hagh is incorrectly used for ”study”, should be HaD TKD p.48/4.3 1998-09-22 (?)
”nine pronouns” is incorrect, should be ”ten pronouns” TKD p.51/5.1 1999-09-24 (?)
soH is misspelled, should be SoH TKD p.51/5.1 1998-09-22 (?)
vagh­Sad is misspelled, should be vagh­SaD TKD p.53/5.2 1998-09-22 (?)
ga­ma’ is misspelled, should be qa­ma’ TKD p.56/5.4 2002-09-27
jagh­la’ (maybe?) lacks space, should be jagh·la’ TKD p.64/6.2.4 1999-09-24 (?)
qa­ma’­pu’·’e’ contains superfluous space, should be qa­ma’­pu’­’e’ TKD p.68/6.3 1998-09-22 (?)
joh is misspelled, should be joH TKD p.78 1998-09-22 (?)
matha’ is misspelled, should be mat­Ha’ TKD p.78 1998-09-22 (?)
Qaw’ is listed as noun, should be verb TKD p.103/K-E 1998-09-22 (?)
tlhej is listed as noun, should be verb TKD p.118/E-K 2000-11-12
ghIch­raj has bad suffix, should be ghIch­lIj TKD p.170 2004-01-24
GHICH-raj has bad suffix, should be GHICH-lij TKD p.170 2004-01-24
quS­DaQ is misspelled, should be quS­Daq TKD p.171 1999-09-24 (?)
ba’·lu’­’a’ contains superfluous space, should be ba’­lu’­’a’ TKD p.171 1998-09-22 (?)
mIv·vam contains superfluous space, should be mIv­vam TKD p.171 1999-09-24 (?)
loS·SaD (maybe?) contains superfluous line break, should be loS­SaD TKD p.171 1999-09-24 (?)
jab­lu’­DI’­reH is missing a space, should be jab­lu’­DI’·reH TKD p.171 1998-09-22 (?)
na­Dev·vo’ contains superfluous space, should be na­Dev­vo’ TKD p.172 1999-09-24 (?)
bIgan­mo’ is misspelled, should be bI­qan­mo’ TKD p.175/4.2.9 1998-09-22 (?)
gan is misspelled, should be qan TKD p.175/4.2.9 1998-09-22 (?)
naD­qa’­gha’ch contains superfluous apostrophe, should be naD­qa’­ghach TKD p.176/4.2.9 1998-09-22 (?)
gar is misspelled, should be qar TKD p.179/6.4 1998-09-22 (?)
”object–verb–noun” should be ”object–verb–subject” TKD p.179/6.7 2004-01-24
Haq­wI’·’e’ contains superfluous space, should be Haq­wI’­’e’ TKD p.180/6.7 1998-09-22 (?)
LeS­Sov is misspelled, should be leS­Sov TKDa p.182/K-E 1999-09-24 (?)
sI­bI’ is misspelled, should be SI­bI’ TKDa p.184/K-E 1998-09-22 (?)
sI­bI’ is misspelled, should be SI­bI’ TKDa p.188/E-K 1998-09-22 (?)

Words Found Only in the Main Text

Klingon English Source
Do’­Ha’ be unfortunate, unlucky (v) TKD p.1
tIj­wI’­ghom boarding party (n) TKD p.20,38
tIj­wI’ boarder (n) TKD p.20
QI’­yaH *?!#@ (curse) (excl) TKD p.58
ghuy’­cha’ *@$% (curse) (excl) TKD p.58
Qu’­vatlh #*@! (curse) (excl) TKD p.58
ma­ra Mara (name) TKD p.58
matlh Maltz (name) TKD p.58
qeng Kang (name) TKD p.58
qey­lIS Kahless (name) TKD p.58
qo­lotlh Koloth (name) TKD p.58
qor Kor (name) TKD p.58
qo­reQ Korax (name) TKD p.58
QaS Kras (name) TKD p.58
Qel Krell (name) TKD p.58
Qugh Kruge (name) TKD p.58
torgh Torg (name) TKD p.58
val­QIS Valkris (name) TKD p.58
nep­wI’ liar (n) TKDa p.175
lo’­laH­ghach value (n) TKDa p.176
lo’­laH­be’­ghach worthlessness (n) TKDa p.176
naD­qa’­ghach re-commendation (n) TKDa p.176
pe­taQ (epithetical curse) (excl) TKDa p.178
toD­SaH (epithetical curse) (excl) TKDa p.178
taH­qeq (epithetical curse) (excl) TKDa p.178
yIn­tagh (epithetical curse) (excl) TKDa p.178
Qov­patlh (epithetical curse) (excl) TKDa p.178
va (invective curse) (excl) TKDa p.178
ghay’­cha’ (invective curse) (excl) TKDa p.178
ba­Qa’ (invective curse) (excl) TKDa p.178
Hu’­tegh (invective curse) (excl) TKDa p.178
Qu’­vatlh (invective curse) (excl) TKDa p.178

Words Found Only in the Klingon–English Dictionary Part

Klingon English
De­nIb Denebia (n)
De­nIb­ngan Denebian (n)
De­nIb Qatlh Denebian slime devil (n)
Dugh be vigilant (v)
Hu zoo (n)
jIj cooperate (v)
luH yank (v)
mo­jaq suffix (n)
muj be wrong (v)
naw’ access (v)
ne’ yeoman (n)
nogh writhe (v)
pIv­lob warp factor (n)
puj­moH weaken (v)
puj­wI’ weakling (n)
puy wreck (v)
QID wound (v)
Qoj make war (v)
rIp council, assembly (n)
SIv wonder (v)
taQ be weird (v)
tel wing (n)
tlhov wheeze (v)
tlhup whisper (v)
veng­Hom village (n)
vIng whine (v)
wem violate (v)
wem violation (n)
ngav writer’s cramp (n)
yIQ be wet (v)
yu­’egh wave (n)
’or­ghen Organia (n)
’or­ghen roj­mab Organian Peace Treaty (n)
’or­ghe­ngan Organian (n)

Words Found Only in the English–Klingon Dictionary Part

English Klingon Source
access (n) naw’ TKD
clip (v) poD­moH TKD
cooperate (v) yeq TKD
Denebia (n) De­nIb­ya’ TKD
Denebian (n) De­nIb­ya’­ngan TKD
Denebian slime devil (n) De­nIb­ya’ Qatlh TKD
drool (v) bol TKD
Organia (n) ’or­ghen­ya’ TKD
Organian (n) ’or­ghen­ya’­ngan TKD
Organian Peace Treaty (n) ’or­ghen­ya’ roj­mab TKD
permit (n) chaw’ TKD
suffix (n) mo­jaQ TKD
traitor (n) ’ur­wI’ TKDa
treason, commit treason (v) ’ur TKDa

Conversational Klingon (Audio Course)

Playing time: 49:36 (49 minutes and 36 seconds).


Time given in MM:SS.
Description Source Added
majqab should be QaQqab CK 14:35 2016-09-09
yIH­mey DI­HIj­’a’ should be yIH­mey Da­HIj­’a’ CK 21:38 2016-09-09
wa’­maH yIH­mey lI’­be’ suffix -be’ not allowed on adjectival verb (TKD 4.4) CK 27:12 2016-09-09
cha’­maH wa’­vatlh should be wa’­maH cha’­vatlh (noted in Hol­QeD 2:3 p.14) CK 29:50 2016-09-09
mu­’aw’ mIn­Du’­wIj maybe better written as ’oy’ mIn­Du’­wIj CK 36:35 2016-09-10
pe­Sop, te­ra’­ngan should be singular yI­Sop, te­ra’­ngan CK 40:24 2016-09-10
pIp­yuS pach vI­Sop! has wrong prefix, should be pIp­yuS pach yI­Sop! CK 41:03 2016-09-10
’Iw­lIj jach­jaj backwards word order later explained (KGT p.25) CK 44:09 2016-09-10
pa’­Daq qaS­taH nuq incorrect use of -Daq on pa’ thereabouts (TKD 3.3.5) CK 44:16 2016-09-10
qIp­’egh nach­Du’­chaj, tlhI­ngan Suv­wI’­pu’ is weird CK 44:21 2016-09-10

New Words

Klingon English Added
lup­wI’ jitney, bus (n) 2016-09-10
pegh be secret (v) 2016-09-10

Power Klingon (Audio Course)

Playing time: 1:12:01 (1 hour, 12 minutes and 1 second).

General Errata

Time given in MM:SS.
Description Source Added
ghe’·’or­Daq contains superfluous space, should be ghe’­’or­Daq PK folder 2016-09-10
DeS­veth is misspelled, should be DeS­vetlh PK folder 2016-09-10
*puhIch­wIj Da­leg­bu? (regional dialect) is probably missing -’a’ suffix PK 32:31 2016-09-10
pu’­HIch­wIj Da­legh­pu’? (standard dialect) is missing -’a’ suffix PK 32:39 2016-09-10
“I want eat meat” should be “I want to eat meat” PK 32:58 2016-09-10

New Words

Spelling/pronunciation of QI’­lop is somewhat uncertain, as only Michael Dorn speaks the word it on the tape, and his pronunciation isn’t exactly… unambiguous.

Klingon English Added
Dev­wI’ leader (n) 2016-09-10
HuH bile, slime (n) 2016-09-10
mIp wealth, richness (n) 2000-11-12 (?)
mu’­qaD veS curse warefare (n) 2016-09-10
ngagh mate with (v) 2000-11-12 (?)
QI’­lop a traditional holiday (n) 2016-09-10
’Iw­ghargh bloodworm (n) 2016-09-11

The Klingon Way (Book)

During qep­’a’ chorgh­DIch (in Belgium, summer 2001) Marc Okrand mentioned that there are two different printings of this book. Apparently a lot of errors were corrected for the second printing. (Since my copy of the book is of the first printing, I haven’t been able to confirm this, so please if you have the second printing of the book, please compare it with the table below and report any differences to me.)

: Stevo reports that all the errors in the first printing (or at least all errors found and presented in the table below) have been corrected, except for the error on page 129 which, even though it has been altered, still contains an error.

Errata for 1st Printing

Description Source Added
va­ngIu’­taH­vIS is misspelled, should be vang­lu’­taH­vIS KGT p.55 1998-09-22 (?)
Hub­ta­HuIS is misspelled, should be Hub­taH­vIS KGT p.74 1998-09-22 (?)
I­loD is misspelled, should be loD KGT p.127 1998-09-22 (?)
He­ghIu’­chugh is misspelled, should be Hegh­lu’­chugh KGT p.129 1998-09-22 (?)
che­qo­tIh­chugh is misspelled, should be che­qotlh­chugh KGT p.131 1998-09-22 (?)
qa­tIh is misspelled, should be qatlh KGT p.135 1998-09-22 (?)

Errata for 2nd Printing

Description Source Added
HeghLu’­chugh is misspelled, should be Hegh­lu’­chugh KGT p.129 2004-02-07

Klingon for the Galactic Traveler (Book)

General Errata

All the errors added to this list were reported by Lieven L. Litaer (a fellow German klingonist).

Description Source Added
qIm­laq·la’­’e is misspelled, should be qIm­laq·la’­’e’ KGT p.53 2001-08-17
nIS­wI’·bej is misspelled, should be nIS­wI’·beH KGT p.56 1998-09-22 (?)
pu’­bej is misspelled, should be pu’­beH KGT p.56 1998-09-22 (?)
nIS­wI’·bej is misspelled, should be nIS­wI’·beH KGT p.80 1998-09-22 (?)
wI­’oj is incorrect, should be ma­’oj KGT p.102 2001-08-17
Hen­rI’ should be written in boldface KGT p.126 1998-09-22 (?)
qan;·QI’­tu’ is missing a word, should be qan;·QI’­tu’·rur KGT p.130 1998-09-22 (?)
tIb (be nervous, uneasy) is misspelled, should be bIt KGT p.132 1998-09-22 (?)
Sagh;·Ho’­’oy’ is missing a word, should be Sagh;·Ho’­’oy’·rur KGT p.133 1998-09-22 (?)
magh­wI is misspelled, should be magh­wI’ KGT p.157 2001-08-17
mu’­mey qhoQ is misspelled, should be mu’­mey ghoQ KGT p.220/K-E 2001-08-18
mu’­mey qhoQ lacks part-of-speech, should be ”(n)” KGT p.220/K-E 2001-08-18
neH­jej is misspelled, should be naH­jej KGT p.221/K-E 2001-08-17
ngop has incorrect part-of-speech, should be ”(n)” KGT p.222/K-E 2001-08-17
SaS not fully defined, should be marked ”(slang)” KGT p.251/E-K 2001-08-17
pa­ra­maq­qay is misspelled, should be par­maq­qay KGT p.255/E-K 2001-08-17

Words Found Only in the Main Text

Klingon English Source
veng wa’­DIch First City (capital of Kronos) (n) KGT p.10, 17
ta’ tlhI­ngan Hol standard dialect (n) KGT p.15
Sep region, country (n) KGT p.16
yoS area, district (within a country) (n) KGT p.16
veng wa’­DIch Sep First City region (n) KGT p.16
voS­pegh Sep Vospeg region (n) KGT p.16
Sa’­Qej Sep Sakrej region (n) KGT p.17, 24
HuD beQ yoS Flat Mountain district (in the Sakrej region) (n) KGT p.17
Qot­magh Sep Krotmag region (n) KGT p.17
Qot­magh Krotmag (name) KGT p.17
ruq­’e’­vet Ruk’evet (city in the Gevchok region) (n) KGT p.17, 30
ruq­’e’­vet Ruk’evet (name) KGT p.17
ghev­choq Sep Gevchok region (n) KGT p.17
taq­’ev Take’ev (city or region) (n) KGT p.22
chot­wI’ murderer (n) KGT p.25
ghaw­ran Gowron (name) KGT p.25, 26, 197, 198
meq­ro’­vaq Mekro’vak (region) (n) KGT p.29
puq Hol baby talk (chilren’s language) (n) KGT p.34
mu’­mey Doy’ ”tired words” (used to refer to older Klingons language) (n) KGT p.35
mu’­mey ghoQ slang, ”fresh words” (mostly used by younger Klingons) (n) KGT p.35
Hol ghoQ slang, ”fresh language” (mostly used by younger Klingons) (n) KGT p.35
tlhI­ngan yej­quv Klingon High Council (n) KGT p.36
tlhI­ngan Hub­beq Klingon Defense Force (n) KGT p.38
ra’­ghom­quv High Command (n) KGT p.38
Qugh Kruge (name) KGT p.41
ghI­rIl­qa’ Grilka (name) KGT p.41
mogh Mogh (name) KGT p.41, 197
qo’­leq Ko’lek (name) KGT p.41
tlhach mu’­mey argot, jargon (n) KGT p.45
vIq combat (n) KGT p.47, 50
’aq­tu’ Aktuh (name) KGT p.49
HIv­neS honor-attack (suicide mission) (v) KGT p.49
Hub­neS honor-defend (suicide mission) (v) KGT p.49
Suv­chu’ fight to the death (v) KGT p.49
Hay’­chu’ duel to the death (v) KGT p.49
tlha­’a Klaa (name) KGT p.52, 198
cheng Chang (name) KGT p.52
qeng Kang (name) KGT p.52
qIm­laq K’mlak (name) KGT p.53
yaS wa’­DIch first officer (on a ship) (n) KGT p.53
yaS cha’­DIch second officer (on a ship) (n) KGT p.53
nIS­wI’ bej disruptor rifle (n) KGT p.56
nIS­wI’ DaH disruptor banks (n) KGT p.56
DaH bank (of weapons) (n) KGT p.56
nIS­wI’ tIH disruptor beam (n) KGT p.56
pu’­bej phaser rifle (n) KGT p.56
peng torpedo, missile (n) KGT p.56
jor­neb warhead (n) (correct spelling?, jor­nub in K-E, jor­neb in E-K) KGT p.57
yan­wI’ swordfighter (n) KGT p.61
taj­Hom­mey retractable small blades on a d’k tagh knife (n) KGT p.61
moQ spiked pommel of a d’k tahg knife (n) KGT p.61
DuQ­wI’­Hom­mey small spikes on the d’k tahg pommel (n) KGT p.61
Ho’ ’etlh serrated blade (e.g., kut’luch) (n) KGT p.61
qut­luch tay Kut’luch ceremony (n) KGT p.62
QIn pup plain spearhead (single sharp point) (n) KGT p.64
QIn vagh spearhead with multiple points (n) KGT p.64
chuH­chu’ hit with a thrown spear (v) KGT p.64
nen­tay cha’­DIch Second Rite of Ascension (n) KGT p.65
yoD­’egh shield oneself (v) KGT p.67
bom­wI’ singer (n) KGT p.71
qon­wI’ songwriter (n) KGT p.71
jaq­moH embolden (v) KGT p.71
QoQ jan musical instruments (n) KGT p.74
baS ’In bell (percussion instrument made of metal) (n) KGT p.75
Sor Hap ’In percussion instrument made of wood (n) KGT p.75
DIr ’In drum (percussion instrument with a streched animal skin) (n) KGT p.75
Sub­pu’ vaS Hall of Heroes (n) KGT p.79
ghItlh­wI’ stylus, writing implement, person who writes (n) KGT p.79
naH­jej thistle (n) KGT p.88
naH­nagh pit (of fruit) (n) KGT p.89
Huch­QeD economics (n) KGT p.148
meq reason, logical thinking (n) KGT p.154
mu’­mey ru’ temporary words (ungrammatical expression used for impact) (n) KGT p.176
pab­Ha’ misfollow (rules), follow (rules) wrongly (v) KGT p.176
nen­tay wa’­DIch First Rite of Ascension (n) KGT p.177
pagh­DIch zeroth (about something that has not occured) (num) KGT p.177
Hoch­DIch allth, final, last (num) KGT p.177
pagh­logh zero times, never (emphatic) (adv) KGT p.178
Hoch­logh all times, always (emphatic) (adv) KGT p.178
bet­leH ’o­be’ Order of the Bat’leth (n) KGT p.182
tI’­vIS T’vis (name) KGT p.182
ba­rot Barot (name) KGT p.182
Hej­wI’ robber (n) KGT p.191
HIj­wI’ delivery person (n) KGT p.191
lur­Sa’ Lursa (name) KGT p.197
be­’e­tor B’Etor (name) KGT p.197
vIq­SIS Vixis (name) KGT p.197
HuS Huss (name) KGT p.197
’at­rom A’trom (name) KGT p.197
mar­taq Martok (name) KGT p.198
qa­mor Kahmor (name) KGT p.198
qor Kor (name) KGT p.198

Words Found Only in the Klingon–English Dictionary Part

Klingon English
jor­nub warhead (of a torpedo) (n)

Words Found Only in the English–Klingon Dictionary Part

English Klingon
warhead (of a torpedo) (n) jor­neb