Hallmark Bird-of-Prey Christmas Ornament Commercial


In this commercial Klingon commander Gowron (as seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation) rewards his officers for victory in battle by giving them a gift – a Klingon Bird-of-Prey Christmas ornament. Gowron is played by Robert O’Reilly, Crewman 1 by Guy Vardaman.


Gowron Qap­la’
Gowron pIj ma­Suv­pu’ batlh ma­Suv­pu’ ’ej ma­Qap­bej­ta’
In our many battles, we have fought with honor and achieved... victory!
Gowron vaj ma­lop­meH tlhIH­vaD nob Sa­Suq­pu’
So to celebrate, I’ve gotten you all a gift.
Gowron tlhI­ngan toQ­Duj­Hom ’oH
It’s a Klingon Bird-of-Prey ornament.
Crewman 1 toQ­Duj­na’ rur­chu’
It looks so real!
Crewman 2 Qap­qu’ wov­moH­bogh jan­Hom­mey
It even has working lights!
Speaker Hallmark introduces the exclusive Klingon keepsake ornament. Call 1-800-HALLMARK for a Gold Crown store near you.
Crewman 1 (pegh­mo’ ... ) [?!?]
That was real nice of him.
Crewman 2 HI­ja’ <gibberish> wI­Suq­nIS [??]
Yeah, we should get him a thank you card.

The last two lines are badly garbled. Whatever gibberish Crewman 2 is saying, from the verb prefix wI- it should be a singular object noun, probably formed from tlho’ (v) thank or tlho’ (n) appreciation, gratitude – *tlho’­meH nav/ghItlh “thank you card”?

Glen Proechel: “The commercial switches to Federation Standard displaying the ship and giving the sales pitch. After that we see the warriors speaking to one another as they leave through the door. [This scene seems to follow the rule: ‘If you can’t remember your lines, mumble a lot.’ We can only surmise that Dr. Okrand gave them some legitimate lines and they chose to fake it instead.]”

Marc Okrand: “I haven’t seen the commercial in a while, but I don’t think wov was used as a noun there. Though the Klingons in the ad may have ad libbed a bit, the phrase the one Klingon was supposed to say regarding the little lights in the Bird of Prey ornament was: ‘wov­moH­bogh jan­Hom­mey’. That is, little devices that cause (something) to be light or bright or little devices that brighten (something) or little devices that light (something) up or the like. wov is a verb be light, bright followed by the suffix -moH cause (thus, cause to be light).” [News 1997-06-18b]