Message to Kronos

This is a video recording of Marc Okrand reading an invitation for Klingons to come watch the performance of ’u’ – “The First Authentic Klingon Opera on Earth”, first performed in The Hague, September 10, 2010. This source commonly referred to as ’u’-MTK or just MTK.

Below transcript was taken from the tlhingan-hol mailing list (posted July 28, 2010):

Qo’­noS tlhI­ngan­pu’ – qey­lIS puq­loD­pu’ puq­be’­pu’ je. Klingons of Kronos – sons and daughters of Kahless.
te­ra’­vo’ Sa­rI’. I hail you from Earth.
Marc Ok­rand jIH. De’ potlh vI­lab. I am Marc Okrand and I bring you an important message.
may’ ghe’­naQ lu­much­rup te­ra’­ngan­pu’.
We Terrans will be performing an authentic battle opera.
’u’ ’oH ghe’­naQ pong. [sic!]
The name of the opera is ’u’.
yuQ­maj­Daq may’ ghe’­naQ wa’­DIch wI­Qoy­bogh ’oH ’u’. [sic!]
’u’ will be the first authentic battle opera performed on our planet.
ghorgh lu­much?
When, you ask?
poH tuj bI’­reS nung­bogh wa’ jaj qey­lIS DIS chorgh­vatlh loS­maH jav qaS­taH­vIS. [sic!]
In the days that follow the summer solstice in the Year of Kahless 846.
ghe’­naQ Daq­vo’ QIn­vam wI­lab.
We will place a homing device transmitting this message at the site of the opera.
wa­nI’­vam Dun lu­legh­laH­meH tlhI­ngan Suv­wI’ Duy­pu’ bo­ngeH ’e’ lu­tul te­ra’­ngan­pu’.
We hope that you can send a delegation of honorable emissaries to witness this glorious event.
qey­lIS wI­quv­moH­taH­vIS che­tlhej wI­neH.
We hope you can join us while we honor Kahless.
qa’ wI­je’­meH ma­Suv!
We fight to enrich the spirit!

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