taH­jaj wo’An Imperial Anthem

This song was written in by Rich Yampell, and has, as far as I know, been sung at every qep­’a’ to date. To hear this song sung by a dozen or more klingonists in three-piece harmony is quite the experience!

There is also a parody of this song, set to the same melody, called DaH­jaj poToday morning.

Most of the files above are the result of me trying to transcribe the song to into musical score using LilyPond (a music score typesetter) and NoteEdit (a WYSIWYG music score editor), both for GNU/Linux. Melodies for voices II & III and the chords were contributed by Ryan Hart in December, 2012. Some additional improvements were made in May, 2013, after being suggested by Leon Zendejas Medina.

There are probably still a couple of errors left – should you find one of these, please tell us so, so that we may continue to improve these scores.