Songs in Klingon

This is a page for Klingon music (and lyrics). I’m collecting all material that I can get a hold of, so you have the lyrics to a song (any song) in this harsh language why not send it to me for inclusion here?

I would also like to make recordings of the songs available here, so that you may hear the melody. It won’t be high quality recordings (that would eat to many kilobytes) and most likely they won’t be all that fancy either. Maybe just one unaccompanied voice to get the melody across.

If you have such a recording, or if you’re willing to make one, then send it to me!

The summer of 2001, when I went to my second qep­’a’ (this time in Brussels), I learned that there really are quite a few more songs around in Klingon than I previously thought. So, I made a list of songs that got to know the name of so that I would know the name of my prey and be able to hunt down the lyrics a bit easier. This is my list: