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tlh: DaSpu’
pos: noun
en: boot spike
sv: stövelspik, kängspik, tåspik
def: TKD
see: wIl spike; DuQwI’ spike
tag: 1985; clothing
id: 9Q3
tlh: DuQwI’
pos: noun
en: spike
sv: tagg, pigg
def: KGT
see: DaSpu’ boot spike; wIl spike
tag: 1997
data: derived form
id: nkr
tlh: wIl
pos: noun
en: spike
sv: pigg, spets
def: 2012-08-12-Email
com: Probably a larger spike.
pun: The character Spike from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" was originally named William. [Suggested by Robyn Stewart]
see: DaSpu’ boot spike; DuQwI’ spike
tag: 2012
id: RNa