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tlh: chuq
pos: noun
en: range, distance
sv: räckvidd, avstånd
def: TKD
tag: 1985
id: 7Wc
tlh: ghobchuq loDnI’pu’
pos: name
en: The Brothers Fight One Another (famous statue)
sv: Bröderna slåss med varandra (känd staty)
def: KCD
tag: 1996
data: phrase
id: Yeb
tlh: ja’chuq [1]
pos: verb
en: discuss, confer
sv: diskutera, konferera
def: TKD
tag: 1985
id: AX8
tlh: ja’chuq [2]
pos: noun
en: succession ritual (ancient)
sv: successionsritual (ålderdomlig)
def: TKDa
tag: 1992
id: fjV
tlh: nga’chuq
pos: verb
en: have sex, perform sex
sv: sex (d.v.s. ha sex; alltid subjekt)
desc: nga’chuq bangwI’pu’ my loved ones have sex; participants are subj.
def: veS-QonoS (HolQeD-01-3 p.9)
com: It is unclear about what part of speech this may be, though it is probably a verb and "always subject" probably refers to the concept that all involved parties collectively make the subject of this verb.
tag: 1990
id: Byr
tlh: -chuq
pos: verb suffix type 1
en: one another
sv: varandra
def: TKD 4.2.1/p.36
tag: 1985; KLCP1
id: YXg